This blog was created in April 2010 and is regularly updated with videos, photos, and stories – all of them about the enjoyment derived from shame and embarrassment of women who are naked in situations where they aren’t supposed to be naked, or just situations where a woman is naked among other, clothed people, men or women, or both, whose clothed state make her nakedness stand out in a very particular and striking way.

First few years of the blog’s existence it was updated almost exclusively by admin, but currently a fair share of posted media is submitted by the site’s visitors, including content posted by them on the ENF–CMNF Forum which was added to the site in August 2016 (the admin still does the video editing, optimizing and re-encoding work as well as hand-picking a nice preview image for each video which gets posted on the blog).

From the beginning and to this moment, admin is still the founder, operator, and sole proprietor of this website. As a result of choosing not to display pop-up advertisements and general lack of sites to promote (taking into account the uniqueness of the niche), the ad revenue barely covers the server rental, cloud storage space, and bandwidth fees which have to be paid every month, so it’s more like a hobby with a very small compensation for the time spent.