A Forbidden Fling

Trevor took off his glasses and set them next to his laptop. “I think quirky is a good thing, Natalie. It’s one of the reasons I hired you. You have a beautiful sense of humor.”

He glanced down again at my coffee-stained breasts, and this time I saw his look change. It was a bit more than curious. It was like he was distracted, thinking of something else.

I gave up on my blouse, trying not to pay attention to the fact that I now had a big wet spot on my blouse and it clung to my bare skin on the inside. Every time the AC vent caught me, it turned the stain chilly. I felt myself shiver and my nipples tightened at the unwelcome chill.

“Thank you.” I said with a smile. “I guess I should consider myself lucky to work under you. I will admit, I was a bit terrified because of your courtroom reputation.” I continued smiling and I hoped he didn’t take offense.

Trevor raised an eyebrow at my comment instead. “Oh?” Intrigued, he leaned back in his chair. “So what have you heard?”

“Nothing terrible. Just that you have an excellent ratio of won cases, but you fight hard in court and that even some judges are frightened of you.”

Trevor erupted with laughter. “I see. And what do you think?”

“Well, I don’t think you’re terrifying, but I’ve seen you work and the description is kinda true. I mean, you can be intimidating.”

His laugh subsided and he smiled at me. “Only when I want something bad enough.” His blue eyes trained on me and I felt like a bull’s eye. I was unable to escape his gaze and the tone of his remark made my body ignite. My smile sobered, feeling the intensity and double meaning behind what he said.

Fidgeting with my fingers against the towel in my hand, I tried to settle my breath. I felt hot. “Well, you seem to have that drive to always get what you want.”

My goal to calm my breathing was shot to hell when he stood up and slowly walked from behind his desk. I clutched the towel as I watched him swagger toward me. Trevor finally stood in front of me. He reached for the little towel in my hand, slowly pulling it away and letting it drop to the floor. The heat of him seared me as his hand gripped mine.

“I don’t always get it, Natalie. But you’re right, I definitely work for it.” I sighed as his other hand softly touched my face. I instinctively leaned into it, once again, unaware of how my body reacted to him.

“Do you have any idea how irresistible you are, Natalie?” he asked me with hooded eyes. His hand caught my chin briefly, then up to move the hair from my face.

“Me?” I whispered in shock. His words caught me unaware. My throat was dry as his gorgeous blue eyes captured mine.

“Mmmhmm,” Trevor nodded. “So much, in fact, I have to spend a great deal of my energy each day simply trying to resist an aching temptation to do something I hope you won’t regret.”

He moved even closer to me, urging me back until I leaned against his mahogany desk. All I could smell was his soft sandalwood cologne as he was hauntingly close to me.

My heart damn near beating out of my chest, I dared to ask him. “What temptation is that?”

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