Wattpad on Cosmo: Skinny Dipping for Two

They arrived at his truck, so he could grab a couple of sleeping bag rolls out of the back, and a small duffel bag, before turning back to her.

“Hold the flashlight for me, will ya?” He handed it to Emma, and they stole down to the small floating dock where the fishing boat was tied up.

They stumbled along with the scant light cast from the flashlight and the eerie glow of the moon overhead as their only guide. That, and Emma’s near-perfect memory of the terrain.

They could see the cabin’s porch light as a small yellow pinprick, but otherwise, they were completely alone as the lake was small and owned by the Martello’s.

They had no sooner gotten to the end, the dock swaying slightly under their weight, when Ryan dropped everything he was carrying, and then stripped his shirt off his head.

Emma’s mouth dropped open but he wasn’t done. After kicking off his shoes and socks, he unzipped his jeans and dropped them along with his boxers. Her mouth fell open a little further, salivating slightly at the sight of him in all his naked glory. Under the light of the moon, his muscled form took on an almost otherworldly appearance. She couldn’t stop staring.

But then, suddenly, she came back to her senses as she realized his intentions.

“Wait, you were serious?” she asked incredulously. “That water is going to be frigid!”

“Are you scared, Em?” he taunted.

“No!” she retorted, “I just don’t want to freeze to death!”

“I’ll keep ya warm,” he winked at her, and then, not giving her nearly long enough to admire his drool-worthy masculinity, jumped off the end of the dock. He surfaced a few feet away, and splashed her. “Get in here, woman — I’m going to get you wet one way or another.”

“Oh, you think so, huh?” Emma arched an eyebrow at him, fisting her hands on her hips, and not missing his innuendo. “I don’t think you’ll get near enough to get me wet in any way if you keep this shit up.”

“Such a dirty mind, Em!” he was chuckling loudly now, and shot another stream of water at her. She barely dodged the stream of water, before sitting down on the end of the dock, and gingerly dangled her feet in. “Get in here, woman!”

“No way! I’m not getting in there. The temp has dropped, like, ten degrees from earlier.”

“Come, on … Please?” He swam up to the end of the dock and started trailing his wet hands down her legs. “I could just pull you in, you know.”

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